Airwest went PINK!

PrintAt Airwest, we want to show support for all of the brave women (and men!) who have fought or are currently battling Breast Cancer! We wanted to take a step away from HVAC for a moment to talk about a cause very near to our hearts.

We found a great article written about a women with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. She is not a fan of people posting things on Facebook so someone asked her what they could do to help and these are the 4 things she is asking for. We like that she stood up and spoke up! Here is her answer:

1. Make sure you are properly vaccinated from vaccine-preventable illnesses. This includes your family (kids and your parents if applicable), friends, and anyone else you can get involved (nag). Boosters like those for pertussis are very important. Get your annual flu shot. People over the age of 65 and some others at high risk should also talk to doctors about the pneumonia vaccine.

2. If eligible, donate blood and platelets. These products are needed by cancer patients constantly.

3. If eligible, get tested to be a bone marrow donor. Go to to see the requirements. The initial registry just requires a cheek swab. It’s easy as can be.

4. Read blogs/follow tweets by people living with cancer. I think understanding the day to day lives of those of us living with it is a great way to truly become more aware. It’s one of the reasons I spend so much time writing here. I try to bring you the science, the experience, the thoughts of a mother trying to cope with raising a family and managing an terminal diagnosis.

Today we go PINK because we want to bring awareness to the issue but to Lisa Adams, Education IS awareness. Learn more information HERE


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